Wednesday, March 6, 2013


How to Mount your Rubber Stamps

If you'd prefer to use your hand carved rubber stamps with a wooden block attached, but aren't quite sure the best way to go about mounting them, then this is for you! 

Here's a step by step tutorial of how I mount my rubber stamps:

What you'll need:
Rubber Stamp
Wood, cut to size and sanded
Rubber Cement
A Pencil

Step 1:
Center your stamp on the wood.
Using a pencil, faintly trace around the stamp.

Step 2:
Apply a thin layer of Rubber Cement to both the back of the Rubber Stamp and the inside of your tracing on the wood. Note: Be sure that both are clean and dry before applying the adhesive.

Step 3:
Let these set for a minute or two. Then, lining up your outline with the underside of the Stamp, carefully adhere the two together.

Step 4:
Using something slightly heavy, such as extra wooden blocks or a book, weigh down the stamp to make sure the wood and stamp have a proper bond.
Let these sit for a few hours before using.

  You may want to print an image of your stamp onto the top of your block. Of coarse, this would need to be done before mounting the stamp. And, should be sealed with a spray lacquer to be sure the ink wont smudge with use and washing.
  A nice way to finish your block is with bees wax, or any other wax that you may purchase at a hardware store.
This gives the wood a nice finish, and seals it from moisture.

Now you've got a lovely Wood Mounted Stamp, ready to decorate paper, fabric, clay, or whatever you can dream up!