Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fort Kit

Here's what I made for son's friend. She had a birthday last week, and I really wanted to give her a thoughtful gift, something she'd like, something a little different, something I could customize with some fun stamps. I decided a Fort Kit was it!
The first thing I did was carve a stamp of her name, then used it along with a few of my other stamps to decorate 2 cotton bags that I'd use to hold all the Fort Kit supplies.

Then I went out and found all the fun things that are needed to build a fort. This was fun and pretty easy. I went to stores like Michaels, Ross, and the Dollar Store. The even picked up a few extra items to add, just for fun, like glow sticks and a Mad Libs book.

I got this idea from Pinterest. There are literally a plethora of inspiring kits to browse through. Here's a link to check them out.

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