Monday, September 10, 2012

Hand Painted Yarn

Today I tried my hands at Hand Painting Yarn.

Since I've got a homeschooling little one at my side these days I decided to make it into a project for the both of us to do together.
Needless to say, we both thoroughly enjoyed the process! So fun to see the colors soak in and spread together...
He was very thoughtful with his placement and even kept himself relatively clean!

We decided to go with a Teal/Green/Tan color pallet. But, to be honest, these are the only colors I had on hand that complimented each other.
Being that this was my first time taking on dying yarn I definitely learned a few things:
Next time I will use heat: we did this outside. Wet the yarn with cold water and used color dye on the yarn. Rinsed with cold water. All cold. This was the best choice for today, since I was trying to keep it outside, and had my boy helping. Cold seemed the best choice. The draw back is that most of the dye came out during the rinsing.
Make the yarn into a hank, then lay it over whatever surface I'm not concerned about getting dye onto. I chose to wrap mine around cardboard to make it an easy surface to paint onto. In the end the cardboard got soaked and I had to unwind it all around a lawn chair (creating the hank would have saved me this step)
I'm sure there are other things I'll learn along the way. I'm definitely going to try this again!
In fact, I've even got a bit of yarn draped across my lap as I type! I'm off to paint some more yarn :-)

My Sweet Little Assistant


  1. Hi Jess! I admire mothers who home school! There is no way I could have ever done this when my two boys were small.I also didn't know you could paint yarn that was very cool!!

    1. Thanks :-)
      This yarn dying was totally an experiment that just happened to turn out great!