Sunday, July 1, 2012

From Pallets to Playhouse

Here's a playhouse my husband and I are building for our children.
It is made almost entirely out of discarded shipping containers and pallets!
I just wanted to share this since it's an incredible testament not only to the vast amount of waste all around us, but also proof that with a little ingenuity and creativity it's possible to make something wonderful with almost no money involved (so far we have spent around $100 total. That was for things like nails, screws, and paint).
It's not quite finished, and I'll be sure to post an update when it is!


  1. So...have we got a finished product yet? My husband build a great work bench for the garage, that he`s gotten so many compliments on, of corse at no costs to us except the nails. We just love all the ideas we get from pinterest.

  2. Very cute! Love the "up-cycling" by reusing what is already around. I would love for my husband to make one. We have tons of screws and such already which would reduce our cost. Our idea of "almost nothing" is a lot lower than $100, more like $10 for our family. ;) Thanks for sharing!!

  3. do you have a plan, I would love to make this for my boys.

  4. I would also love a plan or at least the dimensions. Thanks!!!

  5. I hope you used 'clean' pallets. Most pallets are contaminated with chemicals. I would do a serious amount of research on re-using pallets before I would let my children anywhere near something like this.

    1. chemical pallets = colored pallets

  6. Do you have plans are how many pallets were used?

  7. please post some plans for this... would love to make this for my son... all the way from Sunny Glasgow, Scotland...'s amazing!