Sunday, August 21, 2011


My view of crochet as a craft has evolved over the coarse of my life.
I've had quite a long relationship with the skill, as I was taught at a very young age by my great-grandmother who gave me somewhat forced lessons.
I used to see it as a dated craft (something that great-grandmothers do), something that couldn't achieve the polished look of knitting. This, I'm sure, was partially due to my materials (cheap acrylic yarns) and from my lack of skill (I truly only learned very basic skills as a child, then taught myself more advanced stitches later)
Now, as I take my skill and imagination to new places with crochet I am always delighted at the utter versatility of this craft. The sculptural possibilities. The ease of creating what I imagine.

For example:
I had a vision of fiddlehead ferns. I had to make them! Crochet seemed like an obvious choice. And, after a few experiments and a bit of tweaking I came to these beauties:

Just as life is what we make it, so are the skills that we learn. I feel like my understanding with crochet is applicable to any craft. As our skills grow, our imagination can be put into tangible items, and any craft can be taken to amazing levels of beauty and versatility!

To take a look at some of my older crochet work check this out: Humble Beginnings

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