Sunday, May 29, 2011


I've been spending some of my time recently brainstorming ideas of what to make with my beloved stamps. I'll be honest though, my form of brainstorming usually comes as bursts of ideas, no formal Idea Sessions here. Sometimes one, & sometimes a few at a time, depending on my level of creative energy in that moment. 
I've got a few in the works, and will be sharing them here shortly.
But I wanted to take a moment to show off these cuties I've recently created.
Iron-On Patches
I'm really excited about the possibilities with these! I've been tempted to add a patch to everything I can get my hands on (I have refrained as of yet, save a few of my son's worn jeans). 
These patches are very similar to the ones used on the knitted hats I made some time back.

These Enchanting Patches will be available in my Etsy shop very soon. So, check back in case you, yourself, feel the need to adhere a little image of nature to a few of your own clothes!

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