Friday, October 29, 2010


This is the first time I have dressed up for Halloween in, lets see....I honestly can't remember, I'm gonna go with 8 years.  So, it's been a long time.  I had to stay within my comfort zone, play it a little safe, work with what I've got.  A Fairy it was:

I love how it all came together. But, I have to say, it did just that, came together, and at the last minute I might add.  This ensemble was a collection of items I own, but almost never get to venture from the confines of my closet.
I've had the wings for years.  they were actually the first pair of fairy wings I ever made!
I'm wearing two long skirts and a decorative apron over them.
The shirt was carefully cut and tied a crafty friend.
And, I had a blast cakin' on the sparkly eyeshadow and blush!
This costume choice was kind of a no-brainer for me since I have fairy wings on hand!
The excursion from my 'normal' attire has definitely inspired me to let some of these items into my daily wear more often. I'm not planning to be adorning the wings on my trips to the grocery store, but I'm definitely going to get more use out of those skirts, and sometimes my day just calls for sparkling eyelids!
By the way, my best friend decided to dress up as an avatar (at the last minute, I might add!).  I had so much fun doing her face paint!  Notice the iridescent freckles just like they have in the movie :-)

I think I may find more reasons to dress up in the near future....plan a masquerade ball perhaps, or a theme party...  It's pretty fun to be a little more than your everyday self once in a while.

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