Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Camping Stamping

I've created yet another stamp series! This one is all about camping. I spent a lot of Summers camping when I was younger. There's just something about the fresh mountain air, the nights by the campfire, the days in the hot sun, accompanied by family and friends. There is oh so much I love about camping! That's why it was an obvious choice for a Summer time stamp series. I've got ideas for more to add to the series. And, please comment with ideas of your own :-)


  1. THese are amazing ... you did a great job at making these with true childhood nastalgia... keep making beautiful things!

  2. I love your stamps - I just bought 6 from your Etsy store :)

    I have done a little post on my blog about your stamps... I hope that's OK... here's the link: